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September 20, 2010
Sun Valley Harvest Festival: Good Eats in the Wood River Valley

September 17, 2010
Foodie heaven: Revised festival capitalizes on interest in food-and wine-inspired travel

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival
September 24-26, 2010
Sun Valley, Idaho

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival is one of Idaho’s most comprehensive presentations of sustainable food, wines and beers. The sustainable foods movement has taken the West by storm and natural, organic and biodynamic practices have increased dramatically across Idaho, with Farmers Markets and co-op organizations cropping up all over the state. Idaho has been blessed with entrepreneurs who continue to find ways to create unique, niche operations capitalizing on regional crops and sustainable practices. To celebrate the farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs who have fueled continued progress in the state, we’ve taken the Sun Valley Food and Wine Festival, moved it to a harvest date, and made it bigger, better and even more educational—creating the 1st Annual Sun Valley Harvest Festival this September 24-26, 2010 in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival will feature cooking demonstrations by local and guest chefs from within Idaho and tastings of regional wine, beer and Idaho-made spirits at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival Tasting Room. The focus is on regional sustainable foods, wines and craft beers, as well as eco-friendly practices and kitchen design and tools—all of which will be featured at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival Marketplace, a culinary trade show. A Sun Valley Harvest Festival Restaurant Walk, Sun Valley Harvest Festival Martini & Caviar party, Sun Valley Harvest Festival Dinners and the Idaho Sun Valley Harvest Festival Beer Garden are all on the agenda. If you’ve never been to Sun Valley, this is the weekend to arrive. If you’ve already experienced it, then you know not to miss it!

The weather will be perfect and the scenery will be stunning. And Sun Valley Harvest Festival ambassadors will be on hand, ready to answer any question or direct Festival participants to the playground of their choice—whether it be hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, golf, tennis or shopping. Come play in our backyard!

The table is set and the fun is waiting!

For more information, please contact:
Heidi Ottley



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